Nick Bowman, Ph.D.

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About me

A graduate of Michigan State University (Ph.D Communication, '10), I am an Associate Professor of Creative Media Industries at Texas Tech University. Along with this work, I am the current editor of Journal of Media Psychology, and an associate editor with Technology, Mind, and Behavior. For Spring 2020, I represented TTU as the Fulbright Wu Jing-Jyi Arts and Culture Fellow at the National Chengchi University in Taipei. You can follow along on that journey online at our Fulbright blog. You can also learn more about my research with the Interaction Lab (#TTUixlab) online -- and we are actively seeking students to join us for Fall 2022.

In my scholarship, I study the psychology of communication technology and its implications for human communication. My current research has been focused on understanding the cognitive, emotional, physical, and social demands of interactive media technologies - mainly, video games and social media. My most recent book, and edited volume, was released earlier this year by Routledge, called "Video games: A medium that demands your attention" and I recently comlpeted a guest editorship for a special issue of Media and Communciation on the same topic, called "Video games as demanding technologies." One project that we're particularly excited about is our measurement work, including the video game demand scale (available via the Open Science Framework: You can read up on this and my other research activities here.

In addition to these research interests, I am particularly intrigued with newer communication technologies, such as social media and other communication platforms. A central tenet of my research is that the most important feature of media is not the content or the technology, but the user - and I use this approach to understand how we interact with technology, what we gain or lose from it, and how it affects us. Having grown up with technology constantly around me, I am in constant awe at how "going tech" has affected society. As a side note, check out my Twitter [here] or Facebook [here].

Outside of academia, I'm a former sportswriter and college athlete (cheerleader) and an avid sports fan. I am an all-too-passionate supporter of the St. Louis Cardinals (baseball) and St. Louis Blues (hockey), and I have an exhaustingly addictive travel bug. As for current hobbies, I'm workiing to expand my comic book (about 80% archived) and retro video game collections (about 80% archived). When I'm not doing all of this, I'm spending a good deal of time traveling with my partner-in-crime Jaime Banks, a colleague and Associate Professor of Advertising at TTU. She's a pretty damn clever new media scholar herself, so follower her Twitter @amperjay.