Nick Bowman, Ph.D.

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Media Appearances

Recent Media Appearances*
*see CV for full list of publications

2018 Appearances

19 August 2018: The Conversation. Expert opinion, “Finding nostalgia in the pixelated video games of decades past
5 May 2018: WDTV – West Virginia. Expert opinion, “CNN investigation finds 103 Uber drivers accused of sexual assault or abuse
12 April 2018: 900AMCHML – Hamilton (ON, Canada). Expert opinion, “Scott Thompson Show”
Spring 2018: Eberly Magazine (WVU). Feature, “Social media: Don’t blame the messenger
25 March 2018: Charleston (WV) State Journal. Expert opinion, “Local residents, WVU experts weigh in on Facebook data breach scanda
8 March 2018: WWVU - U92 FM. Expert opinion, “Kids on the Internet
6 March 2018: Expert opinion, “March Madness Stats & Facts
10 February 2018: From the Grapevine. Expert opinion, “Emojis at work: Which side are you on?


2017 Appearances

15 December 2017: KCBS-FM San Francisco. Expert opinion, “AIM shutting down”
12 December 2017: Smithsonian Magazine. Expert opinion (republished), “AOL Instant Messenger Taught Us How To Communicate in the Modern World
12 December 2017: The Conversation. Expert opinion, “IM brought instant messaging to the masses, teaching skills for modern communication 
27 November 2017: Expert opinion (translated, “Die dunkle Vergangenheit von Social Media”; reposted)
10 October 2017: WVU News. Expert opinion, “Social media and natural disasters
2 August 2017: Matt Townsend Show (BYU Radio). Guest, “Tech and democracy, Banning kids phones, geriatric infidelity
25 July 2017: Expert opinion (translated, “Kinder und Smartphones: Keine Angst vor der Technik!
23 July 2017: Expert opinion (translated), “「子供はスマートフォンを持っちゃだめ」それは単なる技術を恐れるモラルパニックに過ぎない
21 July 2017: Kendall-Hunt Higher Education. Expert opinion, “Social media and the 21st century classroom
19 July 2017: CHQR 77AM Calgary. Expert opinion, Angela Kokott Show, Popular debate: Smartphones and young kids
10 July 2017: The Conversation. Expert opinion, “Banning smartphones for kids is just another technology-fearing moral panic
28 June 2017: The Conversation. Expert opinion, “Why it’s important to understand social media’s dark history
16 March 2017: WVU Today. Expert Opinion, “What’s App

[See CV for media appearances older than 2017]

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